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Puppies To Luv

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Care and Training

Puppy recommended supplies list

These are the supplies I recommend you get for your new puppy. Some are more necessary than others and are best to buy before the arrival of the puppy that way you could have things ready where you want them placed in your home and will give you more free time to get to spend with your puppy getting to know one another.
1) Stainless steel or ceramic food and water dish
2) Crate or Kennel
3) Puppy Pads
4) Leash
5) Harness for outdoor walks
6) collar
7) ID tag
8) Chewing toys
9) Toys
10) Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner
11) Dog Brush (bristle, pin, slicker, comb)
12) Ear cleaning solution
13) Nail clippers
14) Pet Clipper Kit (if you plan on grooming your own pet)
15) Bed or Blanket
16) Pet gates
17) Treats


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